Pete Jackson

(aka DJDarbuka)

Musician, Visual Artist, Writer, Filmmaker



Guitarist: solo singer/songwriter 70’s - 90’s, High Relief (70’s), Art Attack, Forbidden Fruit, Heidi and the Dobermen (80’s), Kargo Kult (00’s)

Bass Guitar: Pure Thought (80’s), Sunugal (80’s), Graphic Scores (2007 - 8)

Percussionist: Shamaal (80’s & 90’s), Salon Darbuka (00’s), Kargo Kult (00’s) Graphic Scores (00’s)

DJ: Salon Darbuka (00’s)

Writer/Composer: Total Destruction, Adventures in the Desert, Communication, Revelation, Blown Away, The Light, Distant Star, Anne Marie, Big Freeze, The Gulf, Summer’s Coming In, Peppermint City, The Acting Heads of State...and many others.

Filmmaker: fine-art time-based media (Timerisk, Pleomorphic/Blood on the Walls, A Nice Life, Groundspeed, Replacement) and dance theatre video productions (Dance Offensive, 2007 & 2008)

Artist: BA Fine Art, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, graduated 2012; Exhibitions: Inside Out, Light and Shadow, One Hundred, Isolation